Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2


Alya      : Hi Erna, why do you collect many stamps?
Erna      : Hi Alya. I am collecting the stamps for my collection.
Alya      : What do you mean?
Erna      : Yes, actually my hobby is collecting stamps.
Alya      : Why do you like collecting stamps?
Erna      : Because I like to see the unique pictures of the stamps. How about you, what is your hobby?
Alya      : Hmm… I think I don’t have hobby. Should we have a hobby?
Erna      : Not really. But in our lives we must have something we like most which is called hobby.
Alya      : So, hobby is a pleasure. Then, I think I have a hobby now.
Erna      : Of course, so what is your hobby?
Alya      : I like to read comics especially detective Conan.
Erna    : That is your hobby. Reading comic. Do you have all of detective Conan’s collection?
Alya      : Yes, I do. I even go to the black market because the original comics have not yet been published. How about   your stamps collection?
Erna      : So far I have collected stamps from some countries but I still should find other stamps.
Alya      : Do you need much money for your hobby?
Erna      : Yes of course I need much money because I order the stamps so it costs little bit expensive.
Alya      : Wow…. Your hobby is expensive.
Erna      : Yeah but I like to do it.
Alya      : Okay good luck with your hobby.
Erna      : Thank you.


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